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Here are some recent projects I worked on at school! 

Strategic Management: 
Analysis of Key Issues for Netlix 

Role Title: Internal Company Analysis

My strategic management course required us to

perform various case analyses, topped with a final group project consisting of an original analysis of a key strategic issue for a company. We chose Netflix, and I worked specifically on the Internal Company Analysis. We worked as a team to argue strategic problems and solutions for Netflix.

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Candy Crush Campaign
with TikTok Partnership 

Team Member 

Participated in an agency team of five students to develop an Integrated Brand Promotion Campaign for Candy Crush targeted to Gen Z

  • Researched and analyzed Candy Crush and key competitors to define the campaign’s marketing objectives of:

    • Refreshing Candy Crush Brand with new UI challenge features to increase in-app purchases by 20% in 6 months.

    • Remind consumers of satisfaction from playing Candy Crush as a game that helps you unwind.

  • Created 3 Big Ideas and conducted concept testing

  • Developed a Creative Brief, supported by a fully integrated campaign with a TikTok ad launch, 5 tactics, and a Media Plan 

  • Produced and presented a campaign pitch to TikTok Executives 

  • Conducted target market research such as interviews, focus groups, and Qualtrics surveys to identify and validate consumer insights   

  • Completed 6 TikTok and 1 Google Display Ads certifications

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Marketing Communication & Promotion Strategy:
Best Marketing Practice


For this project, we had to research a campaign of choice and determine 1-2 "Best" practices by applying class concepts and analysis based on research. I chose to identify the best marketing and communication practices in the 2022 e.l.f. Super Bowl campaign with Jennifer Coolidge. 

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Creating a Tech Startup:
One: Dating App

Team Member

For my Digital Playbook: Creating a Tech Startup course, our professor allowed us to be creative and brainstorm our business ventures. 

The objective of our final report is to build a playbook for a successful technology venture. My team and I came up with One: Dating App, an intentional dating app. Our final project includes: Industry research, Competitive Analysis, SWOT, Legal Research, Marketing Plan, Profit & Loss statement, and an Investor Presentation. I worked on industry research, high-level overview, customer discovery, marketing plan, and legal search. Check it out! 

p.s. Should we develop this app?

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