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Here are some projects I've recently worked on!

Global Strategy: 
Analyzing the Feasibility of Uniqlo's Expansion to Brazil  

My task: Pages 4, 6, 11, 13,  

During my global strategy course, we were tasked with completing a real market entry and market penetration strategy for a firm. Our team worked on a global market entry strategy for Uniqlo, recommending entry into the Brazilian market. We analyzed the feasibility of this expansion based on main important factors, such as an analysis of the Brazilian market, cultural, administrative, and economic distances, competitors, how to enter, and an NPV analysis. Thanks to a great team, we received the highest grade in the class. 

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Strategic Management: 
Analysis of Key Issues for Netflix 

My task: Internal Company Analysis

My strategic management course required us to

perform various case analyses, topped with a final group project consisting of an original analysis of a key strategic issue for a company. We chose Netflix, and I worked specifically on the Internal Company Analysis. We worked as a team to argue strategic problems and solutions for Netflix.

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Candy Crush Campaign
with TikTok Partnership 

Team Member 

Participated in an agency team of five students to develop an Integrated Brand Promotion Campaign for Candy Crush targeted to Gen Z

  • Researched and analyzed Candy Crush and key competitors to define the campaign’s marketing objectives of:

    • Refreshing Candy Crush Brand with new UI challenge features to increase in-app purchases by 20% in 6 months.

    • Remind consumers of satisfaction from playing Candy Crush as a game that helps you unwind.

  • Created 3 Big Ideas and conducted concept testing

  • Developed a Creative Brief, supported by a fully integrated campaign with a TikTok ad launch, 5 tactics, and a Media Plan 

  • Produced and presented a campaign pitch to TikTok Executives 

  • Conducted target market research such as interviews, focus groups, and Qualtrics surveys to identify and validate consumer insights   

  • Completed 6 TikTok and 1 Google Display Ads certifications

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Marketing Communication & Promotion Strategy:
Best Marketing Practice


For this project, we had to research a campaign of choice and determine 1-2 "Best" practices by applying class concepts and analysis based on research. I chose to identify the best marketing and communication practices in the 2022 e.l.f. Super Bowl campaign with Jennifer Coolidge. 

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 9.09.31 PM.png

Creating a Tech Startup:
One: Dating App

Team Member

For my Digital Playbook: Creating a Tech Startup course, our professor allowed us to be creative and brainstorm our business ventures. 

The objective of our final report is to build a playbook for a successful technology venture. My team and I came up with One: Dating App, an intentional dating app. Our final project includes: Industry research, Competitive Analysis, SWOT, Legal Research, Marketing Plan, Profit & Loss statement, and an Investor Presentation. I worked on industry research, high-level overview, customer discovery, marketing plan, and legal search. Check it out! 

p.s. Should we develop this app?

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