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Chance Vintage Freelance Marketing Consulting


May 2023 - July 2023

I collaborated with the Chance Vintage team to enhance their online presence. This involved receiving customer feedback, integrating email campaigns and text communication with customers, introducing user-generated-content from customers, conducting A/B testing on targeted social media content, refreshing campaign photography styles, and exploring emerging trends to revamp their Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Additionally, I spearheaded an outreach initiative by curating a roster of relevant influencers, stylists, photographers, editors, and journalists. I developed an outreach and gifting email template, along with setting up a tracking system for monitoring these outreach efforts. Afterwards, I initiated contact with local publications for press coverage.

Within a span of two months, we successfully achieved our objectives of boosting in-store foot traffic and expanding social media reach. Today, Chance Vintage continues to implement these effective strategies

Check out their Instagram Before and After!

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