Tryna get back to all my old ways,
Tryna get back to all the hobbies from my old days

June 23rd 2017 

I reclaimed myself. 

I found inspiration again.

I went to Kehlani's SWEETSEXYSAVAGE tour. I've been dying to see her, but I had no idea that my life would change forever. 

Kehlani performed on the stage that she graduated from high school on, The Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA. She persevered when it would've been so easy to quit, through the trials and tribulations of her youth to the horrors of social media today. She had us make her a few promises that night. One of them was a promise to honor myself. I haven't been doing that since Mike Brown was killed on August 9, 2014. Since that day, I have been carrying the weight of the world. My mind has been racing with questions.

Why? Why do they hate us? Why do they hate... me? 

As a black woman in our current political climate, here in the US, I felt defeated. I couldn't focus. I felt constant rage. So I stopped moving forward, I paused and watched life move around me. I dissected every issue trying to find out why. I allowed the problems and darkness of the world to enter my body and dance around my organs and enter my heart. My heart has been heavy and dark. I wondered how in the hell could I be concerned with makeup and beauty when the world is so broken and ugly. I've tried to pick the pieces back up multiple times, but I failed every time. I failed because I was afraid. Afraid of turning away from the problems of the world. I was afraid that if I lived brightly that I wouldn't be acknowledging the darkness. I was afraid if I didn't say their names that no one would. At Kehlani's concert, I felt freedom for the first time in a long time. I realize that I have to take care of myself before I can change this world. I can and will be apart of change. I will change someone's life and I'll do it my way. I am passionate about making others feel beautiful.

This is my platform.

This is my project.

This is my distraction.

These are my frustrations that I hope can be seen as art and guidance. I'm not promising to know everything or have it all figured out, but I am promising to honor myself,  to never take the bad from others, and to act with love. Welcome to Hello Imani,  I hope you stay awhile.

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